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We should do something together and be all like, woooow! Why didn’t we do this earlier?

We would get coffee at that place you like so much and I would come because I would want to make a good impression, even tough i’m not really a coffee person and then i’d accidentally say “I love coffee!” and i’d have to learn to drink it so i’d brush up on my coffee-nese so I would be able to distinguish the difference between a Machiatto and a Latte and you’d be all impressed and I’d know it wasn’t all for nothing even tough in the meantime i’d have developed a serious caffeine addiction. The lengths i’d go for you! Wow! Just…wow.

Like, really…wowzers.

Maybe i’m even too good for you? Did you think of that? Maybe I deserve a better non-existent hypothetical contact-page using person! Huh! Wadgethinkaboutthat! No wait, don’t go. I was kidding. I’m not paranoid schizophrenic at all, that was just that one time. Those news articles are waaaaay gone by now. Wait, everything stays on the internet? Oh cra….

Phone: +32 485 06 76 86